TriState Mailing Equipment and Supply

Providing the Highest Quality Mailing Equipment, Sales and Service


We "TRI" harder...

Tri-State Mailing Equipment and Supply Company, Inc. was formed by a team of ex-Cheshire employees over a decade ago, and has been serving the mailing industry with quality mailroom equipment and services ever since.  Having grown in the size of it’s staff, and having outgrown it’s facilities several times, Tri-State Mailing Equipment now resides in a modern all-encompassing facility where warehousing, rebuilding, and administration all exist under one roof. Along the way, Tri-State has become an authorized dealership for many of the mailing industry’s leading manufacturers. Kirk-Rudy, Mailcrafters, Baum, Rena, EAM-Mosca, Böwe, ESP and others have been added to the list of top-quality mailing equipment that Tri-State offers and supports.

Having been selling to the mailing industry for over 30 years, the staff at Tri-State Mailing Equipment believes that the standard of sales of equipment and supplies reflects the company’s emphasis on quality product lines, old-fashioned values, and integrity. Tri-State’s pledge is to keep every customer, small or large, a satisfied customer. To those of you who have yet to work with Tri-State, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to work with you. Contact us, and we’ll be happy to address any questions and inquiries.

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