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Rebuilding Customer Owned Equipment

One of Tri-State Mailing Equipment’s specialties is in rebuilding customer-owned mailing equipment. Within our own facilities, we can rebuild and revitalize your older equipment, returning it to “brand-new” production capability. Many have considered Tri-State’s rebuilding options a most cost-effective alternative to the sometimes overwhelming cost of new equipment.

We specialize in Bell & Howell / Phillipsburg inserters, Cheshire and Kirk-Rudy labeling systems, and Baum folding equipment, but our expertise does extend to the rebuilding of other mailing equipment. As a bonus, in some circumstances, a “loaner” machine may be available for you to continue production while we rebuild your equipment. If you do have older, worn machinery that you might be interested in having rebuilt and restored to “brand-new” condition, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss the options.